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What people do to reduce weight and to stay slim? Stop eating and start heavy workout, is this right? Let us see that people’s weight reduction policies are how much correct and how much wrong.

STOP TAKING CARBOHYDRATES:- -Generally, people stop taking carbohydrates totally or partially. Cereals, sugar, honey, sugarcane, roots and tubers are the main sources of carbohydrates. The main function of carbohydrates is to provide energy to the body. Let us take an example, if we drive a car without fuel then what would happen, simple, it can’t move, and now you think that the exact condition would happen with our body. But this is not going to happen because our body system is wonderful, if you stop taking carbohydrate then body tissues breaks protein instead of carbohydrate for producing energy. You know what is the function of protein, abcourse, growth and development of body, and if it functions as a fule then it wouldn’t follow its original function (protein-sparing function). The result will be, either you remain short or you appeared as a malnourished, and if the matter goes out of hand, then you may suffer with serious problems and perhaps it becomes a life threatening condition.    


What is right: – Carbohydrates have an important role in metabolism so, you should take it but in a balanced quantity. Instead of total restriction of cereals, you may decrease the quantity of sugar in your meal because sugar is 100% carbohydrate. Use cereals smartly for e.g. take more cereal in lunch in comparison of dinner, take cereal and pulse combination because it provides good quality protein.

To be continued………………



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