Every nation’s  future is depend upon its youth, if it helps, then nation can touch heights of success and if it opposes the nation it can drown in bottomless darkness. Nowadays, perhaps it is the cause by which western countries start worrying about their future. America, England, Australia and all developed countries are baffled by further and further success of developing countries.

It is obvious  because at one side developing  countries proves themselves in every field whereas developed countries are worried about their drug addicted youth.

Drug addiction is just like a snake who never release its prey and swallowed it slowly and slowly, nowadays peoples using alcohol, drugs, cocaine and heroin, these substances are harmful as physically as well as mentally ,sometimes it leads to suicide and death.

People thinks that youth’s inclination towards drug is their own fault , yes, it is, but in several condition our social surroundings are also defaulter. The cause that pushes them in dark world are failure, betray, depression, sorrow etc.

If anyone betrayed by someone , if anyone got failed in any job or if  his/her parents love and care are is not enough for him/her etc then these factors leads a person to depression. All factors above mentioned brings sorrow with itself and people thinks that if they start using drugs and alcohol, they can refrain from distress, agony, embarrassment and all troubles. It is their worst mistake of life , they choose a path from where comeback is not in their hands.

If we want to find a solution then we have to act, if whole society get aware of affects of drug abuse then perhaps this poison couldn’t enter in their homes.

Parents can prevent their children from going in hell by giving full love and attention to them. And they can make them so much strong and independent so that they never have to depend upon drug.


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